League of Legends Valars's Application

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    Planetside 2 Application
    How old are you?
    Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a microphone?
    Do you understand that Teamspeak usage is required at ALL times?
    In-Game Name?
    Why did you choose XoO?
    Been playing with XoO for several years now on different games. Started on WoW Sargeras some 7 years more or less. Played PS1 with XoO and had tons of fun, Im 100% sure PS2 will have the same effect. The only down side is my hrs of play, had a daughter 1 month ago and they have reduced BIG TIME.
    North America
    Activity level?
    10 easy, 15 not likely
    Do you have a high speed internet connection and a good computer?
    What is your favorite class to play?
    Had tons of fun using the MAX suites on PS1, dont see why I wont enjoy them here.
    What is your favorite vehicle to use?
    Loved using air.
    You’re standing at a Sunderer, an enemy tank approaches over the nearest hiiltop. What do you do?
    Depends, normally I would be on a MAX suit, in that case I would provably try to get the tanks attention and let someone from my outfit to drive it somewhere safe.
    You’re standing at a Sunderer, an enemy fighter approaches in the distance. What do you do?
    with MAX suit take it on, trying to take a position where I get an advantage on first hit.
    In your opinion, which vehicle is most important to the game?
    Sundy. spawn close to battle, repair and heal.
    In your opinion, which class is most important to the game?
    hmm. Medics & Engineers.
    Heal & Repair.
    Which of these traits most accuratly reflects your approach to gaming.
    • Structured
    What type of Outfit are you looking for?
    • Competitive
    • Structured
    • Casual
    Do you have a referral?
    Been a XoO member for 7 years or more.
    How did you hear about XoO?
    pug run in WoW sargeras. was recruited after dungeon ended.
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    The next step in the application process will be for you to get onto our Teamspeak server and then hop into game with us. Once you're in-game We'll get you an Outfit invite and set you to recruit status. After a few play sessions we'll complete the interview process and you'll become a full member.

    I've PM'd you the information for our Teamspeak server, log in and look for one of our Planetside 2 Officers, any of whom should be able to help you further.

    Officers: Dullard, Miir, FearTheAmish, Q, Sokar, imb0r3d, Prime, Eskara.