Oh *&!@, it's firestarsolo, and let's talk about WoW Classic!

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Do you plan on playing WoW Classic?

  1. YES - I look forward to running 40-man raids and drinking conjured mage water

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  2. YES - But I'll probably burn out after the first few weeks for lack of new content

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  3. NO - I would rather not hang out with firestarsolo and the XoO of yore

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    Hey everyone! I hope life has been treating you respectfully over the past few years. I've sincerely missed the lot of you (shout-out if you remember the good old days!), since I've only been gaming on League of Legends (summoner name: Support Hotline) lately. Those of you who remember me will know how important it is to change your socks regularly, but enough reminiscence!! Let's talk about:


    Holy crap, this is gonna be awesome!! I don't think we've ever had the opportunity to play a COMPLETELY OLD MMORPG in a brand new unit of time. I never tried playing on the private servers, but with Blizzard managing servers and the number of people playing, it's going to be just like it was back in 2004. While the discovery aspect of the game (since we already know everything about it) will be lacking, the nostalgia factor will be at CLEGANEBOWL LEVELS OF HYPE and it should make for a great progression experience with friends and guildies.

    That being said, I searched the forums and didn't see any information as to whether or not XoO will have a presence. Anyone looking to reassume the old mantle and get XoO some world firsts (seconds? second firsts?) on World of Warcraft Classic?!