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    The first step in applying to XoO is to make sure you are familiar with what we are about and our Code of Conduct (CoC). Please visit the FAQ page for any information you may need about who we are and what we do.

    The CoC can be found here.

    In order to apply to a division you will be required to do at least 2 steps on the forum. The first is put in an actual application and the second is apply to the division itself - both of which can be done in the dropdown links under the top navigation link "Join Us".

    To put in an application simply click here. Once an application is submitted it will be automatically placed in the Processing area where it will wait for a representative from that division to respond and finish your application process. Please give division representatives a minimum of 48 hours to respond to your application.

    All applications must be accompanied by a division request. This will allow you to view our division general forums visible only to staff and members within that division. If you go up to your profile page and scroll down and click on "Join Game Groups" you will see a list of groups that you can join.

    Here is a shortcut to the usergroup listing:

    Please apply ONLY for games that you are in or applying for... if your not on their in game roster, or not accepted into the group yet, do not apply yet as you will be denied.

    If you leave a game, you will be removed from the game group. The game leaders will be doing their best to keep the forum member groups in sync with the in game rosters.

    If you can not see our list of games forums we play, you need to join the proper member group.

    If you have trouble during any one of these processes please contact an online Staff member to better assist you (located in the forum sidebar). If no staff member is online at the time please send a message to "Kyoji" through the forums or use our Contact Form
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    Please feel free to contact me if you have any issues with your application.