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    What is your current role in the Free Company?:
    I am fairly new to the free company, but I look forward to catching up with the other members and contributing to the advancement of the FC.
    Why should you be the Crafting Coordinator?:
    I am a very organized person and I enjoy gathering information and forming lists. I was a max-level XoO armorsmith in Aion and I was happy to help any guildie that needed my services. I enjoy crafting and checking off all recipes learned for a particular discipline in any of the games that I have played (except waiting for Aion's stupid perfect procs).
    What can you accomplish as the Crafting Coordinator?:
    I have been in quite a few games where crafted gear is needed to fill in gaps before a player can start to raid or get into higher level dungeons. With the new xpac, I could foresee this being true for FFXIV, especially with members interested in playing the new race or classes. I would like to have a central repository of information on the forums regarding who can craft what items for new members or alts. This would help to see where we have gaps in our crafting knowledge so that we can work to help level a crafter to fill any particular holes in the free company. I would work with the other officers to determine who would be the best fit for any time/gil/materials that the FC may choose to invest. I would finally like to encourage non-crafters to take up one of the disciplines so that we have redundancy if someone were to leave the company.
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    Looks good. Need to do an interview.