1. Members are expected to abide by these Rules and Regulations on the Forums, in TeamSpeak, and across all games played.

  2. Members are expected to be familiar with the goals of their division and are to conduct themselves in a manner that helps achieve those goals.

  3. Members must put division in-game objectives before their own and must participate in division activities unless otherwise excused by division leadership.

  4. Posts or threads questioning XoO's direction will not be tolerated. Individuals not interested in following our structure may leave. (// XoO is competitive //)

  5. Members are expected to be dedicated to Xen of Onslaught as a whole and to their specific division. Members must work together to create a positive gaming environment and to uphold the quality reputation of Xen of Onslaught. In order to uphold that quality reputation all members are expected to research their in-game role(s) in order to maximize their abilities.

  6. TeamSpeak use is required unless otherwise excused by division leadership. Members must have a working speaker setup /or/ headset and a working microphone.

  7. Members, in game channels, must keep non-game related chat to a minimum if requested by division leadership.

  8. Members will not be allowed to play in other guilds on the same server as a XoO division with conflicting goals unless otherwise approved by the division leadership for that game.

  9. Members must follow the Terms of Service for the game in which they are playing. Xen of Onslaught expects fair play from all members; therefore, the use of exploits, bugs, hacks, botting, or any other activity prohibited by the game’s Terms of Service is prohibited.

  10. All XoO members will be expected to follow the Chain of Command and go through the proper channels with grievances or complaints. Skipping the chain or back-channeling to higher command will not be tolerated.

  11. Personal grievances must be handled through the use of private conversations or through TeamSpeak communications and are not to be posted on the forums.

  12. Personal grievances should be discussed FIRST with the offending party before moving up the chain of command with a complaint.

  13. Inappropriate comments based on race, gender, color, sex, and national origin will not be tolerated.

  14. Inflammatory content on the forums used to incite problematic situations will not be tolerated. Suggestions will be put into the suggestions forum in a constructive and clear manner without derogatory remarks. Remarks that spark negativity about individuals /or/ divisions are expected to be kept private and be put through to the proper channels.

  15. Xen of Onslaught is a mature gaming community and as such there will be a certain level of communication that some people may find offensive. Divisions may restrict inflammatory communications including, but not limited to, yelling, swearing, and complaining as needed.