Awarded Medals: Senrai

  1. Awarded: Jun 30, 2011

    XoO Distinguished Service Medal

    Awarded for distinguished service in XoO and being overall helpful. 2nd highest ranked medal in XoO.

  2. Awarded: Mar 15, 2011

    2009 XoO Awards Winner

    Awarded for being nominated and winning in the 2009 XoO Awards.

  3. Awarded: Sep 17, 2010

    Xenatorial Service Medal

    Was or is a member of Staff during a period of time.

  4. Awarded: Jan 10, 2010

    Aion Tour of Duty

    Played retail Aion (NA or EU) for at least 3 months.

  5. Awarded: Apr 23, 2009

    Rising Force Online Tour of Duty

    RFO Tour of Duty with XoO from beta/retail to current private servers for at least 3 months..