WoW (EU)(Saurfang)

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    WoW (EU)(Saurfang)
    Character Name
    What is your class?
    What is your main spec?
    Please link your WoW Armory informationWhat is your age?
    What are your current professions and their raid benefit
    I have no profession that can help in the raid but that I have is that I have herbelism on my warrior
    How long you've been playing WoW and what PvE progression you've accomplished
    i have play wow in 2 years and have done icc and 6/12 bosses in cata on my other character.
    What days can you raid?
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
    • Saturday
    • Sunday
    List scheduling conflicts
    Right now I have no standing in my way because we will soon be allowed in school but who might be able to come up is the job if I get it.
    Guild History - where are you leaving and why
    in the beginning, I was with the red dawn, and after then lost heroes but I want to leave it because we do not raid as much.
    How did you hear about us? List any friends/references within the guild
    I am a good friend of arthios and I have been in the red dawn and then I heard that you had been brought together again so then I thought why not try to join the guild
    Can you take constructive criticism and being call out on mistakes (both in and out of raid)?
    Final comments you feel could help your application
    What can help me with my application is enough that I have been in the red dawn, and that I feel arthios
    Have you applied to the WoW (EU) usergroup?
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