WoW (EU)(Saurfang)

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  1. WoW (EU)(Saurfang)
    Character Name
    What is your class?
    What is your main spec?
    Please link your WoW Armory informationWhat is your age?
    What are your current professions and their raid benefit
    Mining and jewelcrafting, well gems and mats for raiders and blacksmiths.
    How long you've been playing WoW and what PvE progression you've accomplished
    ive been playing WoW for 1,5 years, and my progress is 8/12
    What days can you raid?
    • Monday
    • Tuesday
    • Wednesday
    • Thursday
    • Friday
    • Saturday
    • Sunday
    List scheduling conflicts
    If someone in my family has his/her birthday party. if i need to come with my parents to friends of them. or if i maybe am going to stay at another place for a night, but those things dont happen very often.
    Guild History - where are you leaving and why
    Elder Gods: they are not good at raiding, and it isnt realy fun there.
    How did you hear about us? List any friends/references within the guild
    i was in the same guild as Pavlov and I believe Kloppers, i saw that they were looking for a healer for there raiding teams. so i asked a bit about that and got here.
    Can you take constructive criticism and being call out on mistakes (both in and out of raid)?
    Final comments you feel could help your application
    I finally want to join a good guild, only been in guilds that weren't good at raiding, and i would like to do the things i wow where i pay for! ty.
    Have you applied to the WoW (EU) usergroup?
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