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  1. Miriel

    Aion (EU) Application
    How old are you?
    In-Game Name?
    Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a mic?
    What is your primary class?
    What is your current level?
    Previous Gaming Experience:
    Originally coming from Ego-Shooters such as active Counter-Strike playing i joined MMORPG with WoW when it was released but didnt get much into it. 2008 I joined a F2P MMORPG called "Perfect World" and played there for very long until endlevel-content. I switched to Aion when it was released so I'm playing since the very start.
    Why did you choose XoO:
    I was playing on German Server Balder lately and just came back to Perento. Being here I started searching for a active, friendly and not too small PvPvE legion. I did a SR run with Chobi and we got into talking about XoO and i think i found what im searching for in this legion.
    Why do you think you'll be a good fit?
    I am a Teamplayer and a lot into both PVE and PVP. I used to be in friendly Legions. As I said I am searching for a friendly Legion and I would describe myself as a friendly person too. Moreover im a very ambitios player thus always searching for Opportunities to improve my Chars and Skill. Therfor im looking for a Legion which is as ambitious too.
    What will you contribute to the guild?
    As I'm playing since the Closed Beta i can say that i could achive lots of experience with every Content of Aion itself. Moreover I myself have been Viceguildmaster of a active PvPvE Legion in another MMORPG called "Perfect World" which gave me a lot of experience in guild-politics. Ingame I can help with some expert-crafting skills and many Chars (Ranger 55, cleric 50, gladi 50 and many more) and I consider myself as a helpful player. Im coming together with my girlfriend Cleric Nyali and we both are always looking for groups for everything.
    What do you want from the guild?
    I simply want a active Legion and im hoping to have acces to many groups and guild-intern events. I also hope that I can get good advices by more experienced nice Players who can help me improving my gameplay.
    Do you have a referral?
    A little bit about yourself?
    My name is Kevin Landzettel im 21 years old and from Germany. Currently Im working as Healthcare-Assistant in a local hospital but I am going to study Biology and Chemistry this Obtober. Next to playing Computergames like Aion my biggest Hobby is Music. I play guitar actively and Im also into recording, producing and songwriting. Some results of my Music-making can be heard at http://www.myspace.com/maxbest/
    You will be able to listen 2 Songs of my band "Duted". Im always playing together with my girlfriend Nyali and Im always up for some fun :).
    Activity level?
    Do you have a high speed internet connection and a good computer?
    Have you applied to the Aion (EU) usergroup?
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    Thank you for applying and i'll catch you tonight in-game for further instructions. :D